About Us

Our Mission

We founded Coinprices because it was apparent that most digital currency “news” sites were too focused on making money rather than the best interests of their readers. The space is filled with sites selling stories to the highest bidder, posts geared to pump an author’s investments, and “click bait” articles solely intended to drive traffic to a website. We want to be a hub that beginners can trust to educate and guide them through Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

We aim to provide a resource that is both easy to understand and comprehensive. All of our content is designed for the average person, we don’t expect you to understand the often complex technical workings of digital currency. We take otherwise complicated topics and relate them to you in an easy to understand way.

Our curated newsfeed pulls from over 40+ sources that are pre-screened by our editorial team before posting. Since launching almost a year ago we have amassed a database of over 2k articles, blog posts, and press releases that can easily be searched directly on our homepage. We link only to the original source whenever possible, don't post duplicate links, and avoid sites that have advertising and editorial practices that take advantage of naive/new users. We also provide comprehensive yet easy to understand original content.

We promise to never receive compensation for articles posted on Coinprices. Some sites claim that paid posts and reviews will be clearly marked as “sponsored content” and that paid reviews won’t automatically be positive but we are very clear in our position. We will NEVER, under any situation, accept money to post content. Furthermore, all digital currency positions and investments will be disclosed on this page.

We provide our users an easy way to cut through all the noise that exists in the current digital currency news space. We love Bitcoin, altcoins, open source development, crypto, and everything they represent. We believe that the ideals represented by the open source and crypto community has the potential to change the world as we know it; using decentralization to make the world a better place. We consistently link to and support outside sources that we feel contribute compelling content on Bitcoin and related digital currencies.

If you are interested in contributing, contact us at sam@coinprices.io

Our Team

Matt Odell - Executive Editor and CoFounder

Twitter - @Matt_Odell || Entrepreneur.com Author Page || MattOdell.com

Matt Odell is Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Bitcoin information portal, CoinPrices.io. Since launching CoinPrices.io and entering the world of cryptocurrency a few years ago, Matt has quickly become one of the most sought after thought leaders in this space. His work has been featured in Entrepreneur and PaymentsSource, and he’s been quoted on the economic, regulatory, societal and corporate implications of Bitcoin in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Business Journal, Law360 and International Business Times, among others. He is excited and intrigued by the many potential applications of Bitcoin technology, such as transparent and auditable voting, p2p lending and frictionless worldwide commerce. The potential of Bitcoin and the technology behind it can change how industries operate and improve people's lives on a global scale.


Outside Articles: TechCrunch || Entrepreneur || PaymentsSource

Quoted: Wall Street Journal || LA Times || International Business Times || Fortune || NYBizJournals

Murtaza Ali - Chief Technology Officer and CoFounder

Murtaza is a software engineer based out of New York City. He enjoys designing and building products. You can checkout his website at murtali.com. He can be reached at taz@coinprices.io

Sam - Director of Communications

After 2 years working in PR with some of the largest law firms in the country, Sam has since turned his attention to the emerging cryptocurrency market. There is a superfluous amount of crypto-related content in the media today, so Sam’s goal is to separate the glut of meaningless “news” with the real and robust analysis that everyone from the skin-in-the-game investor to the budding, young beginner can understand and internalize. To contribute to CoinPrices.io or if you have any questions, Sam can be reached sam@coinprices.io

Bob Fogg - Contributor and Wall Street Insider

Bob Fogg is an anonymous finance insider and our newest contributor at Coinprices. He works at a large buy-side firm, which provides him with an intimate view of the industry. On the other hand, he does not sport the typical finance background, making his perspective increasingly rare on Wall Street. Due to the nature of his employment, he will be writing under a pseudonym, but his identity and credentials have been confirmed.

Bob is excited about the future implications of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and he’s found his vantage point to be particularly privileged when analyzing the potential effects of digital currencies interacting with traditional financial structures. Bob believes that digital currencies are poised to severely disrupt the financial industry. He will be contributing an ongoing column at Coinprices, that will analyze the disruption potential of digital currencies.

Ryan McNally - Contributor

Twitter - @dr_bombz

Ryan's currently a student-athlete on the Baseball team at Fordham University. Ryan is enthusiastic about the political and socioeconomic implications of widespread cryptocurrency adoption. An early advocate of Bitcoin, he looks forward to the ascendancy of distributed networks and believes Bitcoin's P2P platform stands to empower people worldwide.